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Out Law Skydiving School is the most traditional skydiving school in Brazil. Acting since 1984 in the sport, Out Law has become synonymous of quality and safety, always bringing the excitement and adrenaline of each jump with a lot of fun.
The team of instructors and Tandem pilots are very experiment, always training and dedication to the sport. The main purpose of school is the commitment with pleasure and adrenaline, with the safety that the skydiving requires and you deserve. :)

Tandem Jump


"To do a Tandem Jump all you need is 15 minutes of instruction and you're ready to enjoy a jump from 4000 meters at 220km\h.”

You will be jumping with an instructor are certificate of the Brazilian and USA confederations.

Types of Filming for the Tandem Jump:

  1. Handycam: The instructor takes the camera attached in his hand.
  2. Cameraman: Another skydiver will be filming and photographing the jump during the free fall
  3. Complete: It is the combination of the two filming.

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Accelerated Free Fall


The course has the name in English because is  a world standard,   is the most advanced and executed training worldwide.

First step is to make the theoretical course, you will learn the procedures and training in the simulator before each jump.

Once approved in the theoretical course and practical simulations you can come up with two instructors will help you throughout the freefall and also help you do the landing with radio communications.

You don’t have to be a champion to jump here…
But you just might become one if you do!

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